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Make Your Moments Last Forever With The Two-Minute Storyteller

Let us tell your story in a captivating, professionally produced film that captures your whole experience!

Trailer of a short film made by Nikki

Get a professionally produced two-minute film

Available for all kinds of events and special occasions

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Check out some of our two-minute stories!

Amanda and Alex's wedding

Amanda and Alex met on Facebook!  They hit it off instantly and knew they were meant for each other.  Two years later, they took the plunge...   


Here's their special day to make them smile!  What a beautiful Celebration of life!

Choosing my wedding dress!

Mikaela and Justin are Celebrating Life!  Here's Mikaela choosing her wedding dress with her mother and grandmother, and future mother-in-law!  What an absolutely special moment!

We later went back and captured Mikaela's and Justin's very special wedding in frozen frames...

Melvin and Nikki's camping trip

Melvin and Nikki are Celebrating Life!  They don't get a lot of time together in their busy lives, and this camping trip was an 'on-the-spur-of' trip where everything fell in place at the last moment.  Wanting to savor every moment of it forever, they chose to freeze the memory with this film!

Mom time.. with Andrea's mom

Andrea and her mother are enjoying time together.  There really isn't any better way of Celebrating Life!  These will always be special moments of the special things they love doing together! The gift of a friend.... 

Music credit: Demi Lavato - The Gift of a Friend

Annie and Jane - Traveling along...

Friends of many years, with music being a deep common bond, Annie and Jane enjoy each others company.  "If I had to choose someone to live it, I'm glad it was you".  

They are able to Celebrate Life in their beautiful house on the river.  Meet *drumroll*  Annie and Jane!

Jax Harmony Chorus - Christmas 2018

"Jacksonville Harmony Chorus" is a part of the bigger, international group of singers, 'Sweet Adeline".  These spirited ladies enjoy sisterhood, camaraderie, songs and fun! As they Celebrate Life at Christmas, we stepped in to be a part of their Christmas party with them!

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